About Epicur

Dear Students! Welcome to the English-language EPICUR website of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. You can find here all useful information on the EPICUR project and are welcome to follow all news, events, and current activities of our Alliance. Please check the For Students tab in the EDUCATION menu for our catalog of courses and initiatives that we have prepared for you.

  • Please contact us for course offers:
  • Work Package 2: Promoting multilingualism and inclusive governance,
  • prof. UAM dr hab. Rafał Dymczyk, WP2 Coordinator, rafal.dymczyk@amu.edu.pl

  • Work Package 3: Innovative learning & teaching formats for European Citizens of the future,
  • prof. UAM dr hab. Łukasz Różycki, Head of Liberal Arts and Sciences Program, lukasz.rozycki@amu.edu.pl

  • Centre for Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Wojciech Nadobnik, Secretary of Liberal Arts and Sciences Program, wojciech.nadobnik@amu.edu.pl

  • Experiencing a technical issue?
  • Write to Adrian Trzoss, EPICUR Inter-University Campus platform technical support, Work Package 4
  • adrian.trzoss@amu.edu.pl

  • Requiring assistance with transcripts of records and certificates?
  • Write to Karolina Choczaj, Dominika Dąbrowska, AMU EPICUR Office, epicur@amu.edu.pl

  • Having any questions about our social media or website? We’d love to talk with you!
  • Write to Agata Łysakowska-Trzoss, Social Media Officer, lysakowska@amu.edu.pl

  • Are you a student in the Liberal Arts and Sciences program? Be sure to check out the LAS website!
  • Wojciech Nadobnik, wojciech.nadobnik@amu.edu.pl, https://las.amu.edu.pl/en/

  • Interested in learning more about EPICUR research initiatives? Feel free to contact Head of EPICUR RESEARCH project:
  • dr Katarzyna Jankowiak, Head of EPICUR RESEARCH, katarzyna.jankowiak@amu.edu.pl

  • Looking for internships and work experience?
  • Contact the European Partnership for Innovation in Distant Internships (EPIDI) project coordinator
  • Anna Schmidt-Fiedler, afiedler@amu.edu.pl

Any other queries? Visit the EPICUR European University Alliance homepage https://epicur.education/